„Melbye’s genius is generally acknowledged“

was the verdict of a Berlin art critic, according to whom Melbye’s works combined “Nordic accuracy with French vividness”. In contrast to C.W. Eckersberg’s sober and prosaic perception of art and nature, which greatly influenced the so-called Golden Age of Danish painting, Anton Melbye adhered more to the romantic movement and combined close examinations of nature with strong emotional impressions of nature.

Influenced by French art, his style of painting changed to large scale, impressively dramatic seascapes, in which the natural elements play the main role. With his extrovert and slightly eccentric personality, Anton Melbye delighted his audience with the realistic images of fluid worlds he created in which the forces of nature become a mirror for the human soul.

In his charcoal and chalk drawings of European landscapes and coastlines, Melbye developed his own aesthetic quality and style of mastery.


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Picture excerpts Life stations Anton Melbye
1) Anton Melbye, An der Küste, 1840 (private collection)
2) Anton Melbye, Vollmondnacht, 1866 (private collection)
3) Anton Melbye, Im Marmarameer vor Konstantinopel, 1856 (private collection)
4) Anton Melbye, Der Orkan, 1866 (private collection)

Reproduktion einer historischen Fotografie von Anton Melbye, c. 1866 (private collection)